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Welcome to R.J. Konkal Associates Inc.

Corporate Profile

Established in 1989, we are located in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Our resources are comprised of seasoned and independent professionals across North America, whose varied experience and expertise compliment each other in the challenges provided by our Clients. Each of these professionals owns their own business - a stake which ensures quality of results and lower overheads - both of which directly benefit our Customers.

We specialize in full service assistance to varied enterprise types, including aerospace and defense, commercial and mil spec manufacturing (job shop, repetitive and process industries), distribution / warehousing and government agencies. These services include: Business Process Re-engineering (BPR); project management / facilitation; and business system requirements planning, search and implementation.

Unlike most of our competitors, we have no formal partnerships with solution providers. We absolutely guarantee:

  • An objective and honest appraisal of needs and to work with your project resources to establish the requisites for success;
  • A flexible use of our established tools and methodologies to address your requirements - as opposed to those who might favor a "textbook" solution;
  • A responsibility to propose the retention of those factors that have made you successful to date (i.e. by not focusing on or fixing things that are not broken); and
  • A commitment to support your challenges from inception through to implementation, while ensuring that knowledge transfer is a deliverable, whose ownership is to be retained within your organization.

Corporate Vision

To assist our Clients in addressing their internal and external efficiencies and focus on Customer needs. Committed to the provision of realistic and proven solutions, we seek to utilize our vast and objective expertise to add value in the determination of resource optimization (people, process and information technologies) for our Clients' benefit.

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